Wednesday, March 6, 2013

{Kitchen Makeover}

We are finally getting settled in from our vacation to Texas.  We have been swamped with frame orders & trying to stay on top has been a chore with a sick toddler!  She has another ear infection.  I am so ready for some warmer weather so our sweet girl can get & stay well!

Since getting back we've been compiling a list of things that we want to do to our house.  When we purchased this house 7 years ago we never intended to stay in it this long.  It was supposed to just be our starter house & it's turned into a home that we love.  It is where we started our lives over after burying our first daughter Parker.  I never imagined that I would truly fall in love with our home.  For me it has so much sentimental value & memories.  It's where we brought home our 2nd daughter Landry.  It's amazing the affect a home can have on a person.

Totally rambling.

I do that a lot.

We decided to start with the kitchen.  We totally gutted it when we bought the house.  It was fit with new cabinets, countertops, flooring, appliances & lighting.  Literally everything.  Because we didn't think this would be our permanent home we didn't pick things we LOVED just things that we liked & that we knew would help us sale the house and make a profit.

Here's what our kitchen looks like now.  Please excuse the fact that I took these pictures while in the process of making dinner.  That's just how we roll folks.

The kitchen is small but I love it.   It's perfect for our family of 3.  I have never had a real problem with storage since our pantry is pretty big although I wouldn't mind adding a cabinet where the chalkboard wall is now.  

I know this picture isn't the best.  My good camera is having some difficulties & is at Nikon getting diagnosed so hopefully soon she'll be better & back where she belongs!  Until then I'm using a cheap camera that works great sometimes & sometimes I want to throw it against the wall.  

The dining space is small too.  It's been a challenge for us to find a table to that fits well in the space.  We've been through 3 table & I think  we finally found a winner!  My husband actually found this table at our favorite used furniture store.  He there picking up some pieces that I had bought the day before & loved this table when he saw it.  It needed some love but nothing I couldn't handle. That's a post for another day though. 

Our plans for our small kitchen are big.  

Here are a few things we'll be adding to our space.  We will be documenting each project as we go & we are beyond excited! 

The first big project was refinishing our table.  I will tell y'all more about that tomorrow.  

But for now a teaser....

The next project will be painting our bottom cabinets.  For now we are settled on ASCP in Chateau Grey.  It's a beautiful grey green color!  It's one of my favorites from the ASCP line.  We are only painting the bottom because we love the look.  It might be trendy but we both love it so we are going for it! 

There are a few other things we'll be doing along the way but I don't want to spoil the surprises! 

We are both excited about the changes that will be taking place in our home.   There's a lot of work ahead of us but we are totally up for the challenge! 

Happy Hump Day!