Saturday, November 20, 2010

{Painting Doors is For the Birds}

I haven't been around lately because I've been trying to get stuff done around the house before the holidays.  Our to do list is a long one and as much as I love blogging, whether writing or reading, I needed to take some time away. 

I started painting the doors in our house last week.  Not a fun job.  I love painting but I hate painting doors.  It's such a tedious job and with 11 doors to paint it's become even more miserable than I had imagined it would be.

Along with the doors I'm having to paint the trim.  It was painted when we first bought the house but our painter decided to only paint it with Kilz and not the high gloss we had purchased.  He was an older gentleman and I didn't see the need in fussing him about because he painted our entire house for $500!  So little by little we are getting the trim painted.  I've debated on many occasions on hiring a painter and just getting it all done but it seems like such a waste of money to me when I'm capable of doing it myself.   It might take a little longer but it will sure be cheaper!  And I'm all about saving a penny!

We've got tons of projects going on right now and I'm excited about them all.  Two weeks ago we started on prepping the yard so we can start building the fence, deck and fire pit.  It's a huge project and with it being picking season my husband does what he can when he can.  The finished project will be amazing and totally worth the wait!

We had 3 large azalea bushes that I wanted gone. Being married to a farmer has many advantages.  One of those being they have all kind of equipment which makes the job so much easier!  My husband was able to get rid of the azaleas in about 15 minutes.  We are now in the process of digging up the million massive stumps that were left behind.  And when I say we I really mean him.  I have no idea how to operate the equipment so I just supervise. 

So while my husband does this

I'll be back to painting doors!


  1. Love your property! How wonderful to have that heavy equipment to help. Your doors look great and your hard, tedious work will pay off. I have yet to paint my interior doors and you have inspired me to tackle it! Ann

  2. I was just wondering what color you are painting your doors. You posted once about painting another color other than white.

  3. Boston Lady, thanks! Good luck with your door painting!

    Peggy, they are white right now. I bought a colored paint but haven't found the courage to paint them just yet. I saw somewhere else that someone had painted them black. I'm so confused.... I'll keep you posted!