Friday, March 4, 2011

{Nursery Colors}

We've decided on the colors for the nursery and I am beyond excited to get started painting!  When we originally found out we were pregnant I had a vision for the nursery but upon finding out we are having a girl that quickly changed.  I normally stick to my guns but for some reason I was easily persuaded by the Serena & Lily catalog. 

We have chosen to paint the walls a S&L color called Punch and the ceiling a color called Sprout.  We will have them color matched to Behr's Premium Plus because I really heart Behr paint.  I purchased a stencil from Whitehall & Co. that was designed by Janell Beals over at Isabella & Max Rooms that we are going to attempt using in the nursery as well. 

Once we get the paint up and the 2 pieces of furniture painted we'll start ordering the bedding, crib, curtains, etc.  We don't have extra storage so it makes more sense to just wait until we can actually utilize the items.  It really is starting to feel like a nursery instead of an office.  And everytime I walk by the room I can't help but smile.  God has really blessed our family and we are soaking up every single moment of it!

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  1. those colors are just yummy...can't wait to see it all pulled together.