Friday, August 24, 2012

{Dog Attack & Sick Dog}

It's been a busy last few weeks for us.  A week ago I received one of the most horrifying phone calls of my life.  I was doing laundry while Landry was playing.  Our oldest niece called to tell us that our nephew had been attacked by a German Shepard while playing at his friends house.  He was being rushed to the ER an hour away from our house.  I called my husband who was on a tractor in the middle of a field spraying peanuts.  He said he couldn't understand what I was saying he just knew it was serious & so he rushed home.  We got to the hospital as fast as we could.  Long story short he was okay.  No broken bones just a TON of bites!  Some pretty deep.  

These are just a few of the pics. 
He was such a trooper during the whole thing. 
The dog was taken away & put in quarantine for 10 days.  The owners want him to be put down after the 10 days because they fear he will do it again.  

He is so blessed to have been able to get away when he did.  I cannot imagine what would have happened if he didn't know to protect his face & neck.  He said the dog immediately went for his neck.  His friend was able to get a shirt around the dog's neck & choke him long enough for our nephew to run out the door.  

He will carry a fear of dogs for a long time.  
I see the fear in his eyes when he comes to our house & sees our dogs.  
He has nightmares.
All of it breaks my heart.  
I am so thankful that there will only be a few scars physically.  

As if that wasn't enough the next day we woke up to a very sick dog! 
Pep, our oldest GSP had swollen legs, wouldn't eat & just wasn't herself.  
We rushed her to the vet where she spent the next 4 days on meds.  Pep has been sick for a while but never to this extent.  The vet can't tell us what's wrong with her so she referred us to the NC State.  We are waiting on their call & until then Pep is on more medication to control her low red blood cell count & the swelling in her legs.  

She's a super important part of our family & we can't imagine life without her sweet face.  Please say a prayer for her & the doctors that will be treating her.  

With all the dog drama I put business on hold for a few weeks but I'm back at it now.  We are working on a custom piece for a client this week along with a wholesale order for our frames!  Lots of exciting stuff going on around here!  We've been working on some home projects as well & I hope to get organized enough this weekend to actually share those with you soon. 

We have a busy weekend full of paint, frames, sanding, distressing, etc.... 

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. So sorry for your nephew. Glad he's doing better. Saying a prayer for your pup as well.

  2. I’m so sorry to hear about what happened. I’m relieved, though, that the owners of the dog took responsibility for the accident. Was that dog living your nearby? In this case, it would be best to keep a close eye on the actions of the dog to avoid being caught unawares again. I hope your nephew recovers quickly, mainly from the emotional trauma.

    Penelope Worrall

  3. I am about in tears, I am so happy your nephew is ok. It made my stomach flip reading about what happened. Our neighbors have a german sheppard and it is not a nice dog and scares me. I worry constantly about it jumping over the fence. We have three dogs but they are the sweetest non-violent dogs EVER and mean so much to us.

    I hope all is well with your nephew and his future experiences with dogs are all positive and wonderful.

    Green Acres

  4. Aw. Poor kid. I can only imagine what he went through during and after the incident. Dog attacks can be scary, especially for kids. It will leave them shaken and traumatized. Worst, they might develop a phobia that would burden them until adulthood. I hope that your nephew is on his way to a full recovery. It will be hard, but with the support of his family, he can get through this incident.

    Nannie Leick