Sunday, January 20, 2013

{Happy Birthday, Teagen & Prayers}

Teagen is our youngest female GSP {German Shorthaired Pointer}.  We bought her when she only 3 weeks old & brought her home when she was 8 weeks old.  She's been such a joy & a much needed addition to our family.  Today is her birthday.  She turned 4.

This afternoon we noticed she wasn't acting right.  When we finally got her to come to us we saw blood & puss coming out of her mouth.  We immediately called our vet who referred us to another vet who is open on Sundays.  We drove an hour {which seemed like a lifetime} to get Teagen to the vet.  The vet came in & after examining her asked if she could have been poisoned.  My heart sunk.  Upon further examination she said it was one of three things; poison, bone marrow cancer or an auto immune disease.  Again my heart sunk.  The vet said that she is very sick and needed treatment immediately.  She was admitted & has to stay overnight.  She is on IV's & antibiotics & as I  type this I am waiting on a call from the vet to get the lab results.  

Our oldest GSP, Pep, as an auto immune disease that we have been treating for almost 2 years.  She's doing good but has to see a vet at NC State Veterinary School.  We are praying that Teagen isn't struggling with the same disease as it takes a toll on their precious bodies.

Please say a prayer for Teagen.  She is a very special part of our family.  I cannot imagine what our family with do without her sweet face.  She is the most loving of all our dogs.  She has a gentle heart & the softest kisses.

Our house seems a little empty tonight without her.  We appreciate any prayers this beautiful girl can get!

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