Friday, October 8, 2010

{Dining Table Revamp}

We've had our dining table for almost five years now.  It was an impulse buy because the orginial table we had ordered kept getting backordered and  I was so frustrated with the company that I cancelled the order.  We went to a local furniture store and ordered something and had it within a week.  I love the table.  I'm not crazy in love with the chairs though.  I recently replaced two of them and have an old pew that I'm going to paint to replace two of the other chairs. 

When you've had a table for 5 years you are bound to have some dings and scratches and our's definitely does.  My grandfather always said it gives the table character and it tells a story.  The main reason for the revamping of the table is because someone left a wallflower on the table and the oil destroyed a part of it.  We love to entertain during the holidays and so it was on the top of our my project list. 

I started sanding the table today inside because I was too lazy to take it outside.  It took me almost 3 hours to sand and probably another 2 hours to clean up all the dust in our house.  It was super dusty in here folks!

This is just a preview of what our living room and kitchen looked like!  We own like 10 drop cloths and why I didn't think to use them is beyond me.  It's all cleaned up now and dust free. 

Once the table was sanded it was so pretty!  I don't know what I ever saw in the blonde wood before.  As I was sanding and exposing the natural wood color I was getting more excited about how it would turn out once the dark walnut stain is on it. 

So I have one coat of stain on and I'm totally in love with it.  The hubby just walked in and actually gave me a high five so I'm guessing he likes it too.  I am thinking it'll take 3-4 coats of stain and then 5-6 coats of Varathane.  We normally don't eat at our table if it's just the two of us but I'd like to change that and maybe the new look will help to do that. 

I'll leave you with a sneak peak for the weekend!