Monday, January 31, 2011

{I'm Still Alive... And Excited About a New Room Redo}

It's been a awhile since I last updated.  I have a good excuse though.  We found out two days before Thanksgiving that we are expecting.  It was a complete and total shock.  We started trying 3 years ago for another child after losing our daughter to a rare birth defect almost 5 years ago.  It just wasn't happening and so we gave up.  We found peace with being the parent of an angel and then out of no where we were pregnant.  I had to take multiple tests to make sure I was seeing things right.  We are beyond thrilled! 

The first trimester I was sick.  Very sick.  I lost quite a bit of weight because I couldn't eat anything except crackers.  I'm feeling much better now that we've reached our 2 trimester.  We are taking it all one day at a time and trusting in God that everything is going to be okay. 

I am super excited to be planning a nursery.  I have a few ideas of what I like and so far my husband is on board.  I have a gut feeling that this one is a boy but we'll know for sure on our appointment with our fetal maternal doctor on February 23rd.  We did take a baby gender test and it said boy so we'll see. 

I'll leave y'all with some nurseries we love and keep y'all updated on our baby progress. 


  1. I like all of them, but especially the second and last one. Just so cozy. :)

  2. Oh My goodness! I am so happy for you both! I was checking back every so often. I am so excited. Glad to know you are doing well. God bless you! So how far along are you now?

  3. Peggy,

    We are 15 weeks and due July 24th. I'll have a scheduled csection the week prior {24th falls on a Sunday} though. We are super excited although our nerves still get the best of us every now and then. Thanks for the sweet words!!