Monday, April 2, 2012

{Seeing Double}

I've always loved the look of double front doors.  I love beautifully front doors.  It's the first thing your guest see & doing it right is crucial.  Painted doors are my favorite but I've seen some gorgeous stained doors like these....

I love the glass in all these doors!  You'd have to be a good housekeeper to pull this look off.  If you are anything like me you are throwing stuff in closets & drawers when you see someone pull up in the driveway so this might not work for my family unless I have a grand entry.  A girl can dream.

I love the red on these doors!  The porch is gorgeous!  The mailbox, the columns, the topiary, the lighting.... I love it all.

I love these doors!  Especially with the matching screen doors.  This house belongs to Carrie & Chris of Hazardous Design.  I discovered their blog a few days ago & fell in love!  They have amazing taste & their renovations are breath taking! 

Black is so chic!  And isn't that lantern to die for?

I wish I had double front doors.
Since I don't I guess I can just daydream.

Happy Monday!

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