Monday, December 19, 2011

{ASCP - Paris Gray}

I've been a longtime fan of Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint.  I bought my first can 10 months ago & have been addicted ever since.  It's the smoothest paint I've ever used.  The coverage is amazing & I love that there is no sanding or priming required.  There's no smell which is awesome because we have a special little lady in the house that doesn't need all the chemicals most paint has. 

Anyway, I just bought Paris Gray from Classic Wall Finishes.  I love Patty & Karen.  They are both awesome & so friendly.  You don't find customer service like that anymore. 

Last year I painted a piece I purchased off Craigslist in a white from the Martha Stewart paint line.  I had originally thought I wanted to paint it Arles but it was too bright on its own so I mixed it with a little Old White and loved the color but it just wasn't what I was going for.  So I went back to the drawing board & decided that Paris Gray would be the way to go. 

It turned out amazing!  It's probably one of my favorite pieces of furniture in our house! 

Excuse the mess around & underneath the piece.  This room is a work in progress. 

I ordered the Handstamped Cursive Writing knob from Vintage Skye.  Their knobs are amazing!  I cannot wait to find another piece to paint so I can order more knobs from them. 

Hope everyone has a great Monday!

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  1. LOVELY, friend!! Hoping you're having a very merry Christmas already!!