Tuesday, December 20, 2011

{Horizontal Hallway}

I had mentioned in a previous post that I was loving the striped walls I was seeing all over Pinterest!  I finally decided to just bite the bullet & get started.  My awesome husband helped with the project because it was definitely a two person job.  He did the math which turned out to be easy because from baseboard to ceiling was 90" & I knew I wanted an odd number of stripes so the top & bottom would be the same color.  Our stripes ended up being 10" wide. 

We used a long level marked the stripes with a pencil & then taped them off.  We got confused in the beginning & were forgetting that tape couldn't be put in the stripes that were being painted.  That's confusing isn't it?  Yeah, I just confused myself. 

Once we got going it went pretty fast.  In all it took us about 2.5 hours to pencil & tape off everything.  I couldn't wait to get the paint on!  We kept the original color because we love it.  It's Ralph Lauren's Oatmeal mixed in Behr paint.  The color we chose to be the other stripe is by Valspar.  It's called La Fonda.  Did you all just think about Napoleon Dynamite too?

It's a a few shades lighter than the RL Oatmeal. 

The whole project took us about 4 hours from start to finish.  We did one coat of paint for the stripes.  It covered so well that it didn't need another one.  It turned out amazing.  We still have to erase what's left of the pencil lines but that won't take much time.

I've ordered a new light to get rid of the hideous builder one I purchased when we bought the house.  It's the Moravian Star light from Shades of Light.  I cannot wait for it to arrive & be hung!

Only thing left to do is find a runner that is long enough.  I've thought about buying two if I can't find one.  The one we have now is okay but it's just too short.  I found a gorgeous rug at West Elm & placed the order but later got an email saying it was on back order until the end of February.  I decided against it hoping I could find something I like just as much & that I wouldn't have to wait that long for. 

The hallway is coming along nicely. 

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