Monday, August 30, 2010

{Creating a Project List}

Part of purchasing an old home means being prepared for a project list that is never ending.  We did the majority of the big projects before we moved in.  We had to gut the kitchen and bathroom.  They were horrible and had to be renovated before we could move in.  We set ourselves a budget and stuck to it.  It wasn't always easy because I love expensive stuff but we made a promise to each other that we would never let our mortgage or bills dictate our lives. 

We've been working on small projects here and there but nothing ever seems to get "done" and it's frustrating.  I decided what better way to solve the problem than to create a project list.  It'll help us stay on track and help us to get things done room by room.  

My husband is getting ready to pick our crops which means I won't see much of him so I'm on my own for a while with the projects.  I don't mind it though because working on our home is very therapeutic to me.  So tonight after my upholstery class I'm going to focus on putting together a project list that will help us complete projects week by week and help give us a sense of completion.   I'm looking forward to the cooler weather because it'll mean we can work outside on some of our projects versus turning our kitchen into a makeshift work room.  

I just finished this piece and am excited about putting it in our guest room.   We have guests often because all of my family except my oldest sister lives in Texas.  Having a guest room is important in our home and we've tried to make it as comfortable as possible.  We've even stayed in it a few nights to make sure all the kinks were worked out.  It's a great space and coming along nicely.  Once we finish up a few more projects I'll share a tour of our guest room. 

Happy Monday everyone!

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