Friday, August 20, 2010

{Our Master Re-Do}

Our master bedroom has never been a priority to me because no one ever sees it.  It's on the bottom of our project list and I think it needs to be moved up to the top.  Our house is 1,088 square feet.  It's a 3 bedroom, one bath.  For now it suits our needs perfectly.  There are just two of us and our 3 dogs.  Our room is a good size although not what I would have picked if we had built.  It's not a matter suite either.  Obviously with only one bathroom in the house.  One day we'll have our dream room but for now we are focusing on making what we do have ours.  I want our house to reflect who we are.  My husband farms and we own a cattle company.  I'm slowly incorporating all that into our home.  Including our master bedroom. 

I love Susie Harris and her blog.  She's one talented designer and one heck of a mom!  I love her blog and I've purchased a few things from her Etsy shop.  If you've never read her blog please add it to your blog roll.  It's a must read.  She posted last month about finding the perfect blue as she's repainting her master.  I've been looking for inspiration for our room and Susie had just what I needed.  I heart this room big time!

I love the blues, creams and the ceiling!  I love the fact that it's painted a different color.  It want this room!  Not everything but the general idea of the room.  I love the colors.  I love the drapes.  I love the floor mirror.  I love the chandelier.  We live in the country and so we want to keep our room simple but luxurious too.  It's a happy medium for us.  I tried the creams and whites and it's just not us.  Mainly because we have 3 dogs and my husband is a farmer which means he plays in dirt all day long.  I purchased our bedding at Pottery Barn and I love it!  I didn't buy the dreaded "set" but rather different pieces from different lines. 


{euro shams}

{standard shams - red}
I think once it all comes together it's going to be just what we need and want.  I'm debating on taking out our ceiling fan for a chandelier.  So next step is finding the perfect paint colors for walls and ceiling and getting the crown molding put up.  Our to do list seems to keep growing!  I'm looking forward to creating a space for us because we are ready for another baby! 


  1. Love the colours and patterns together. Looking forward to seeing your room.

  2. I love PB, but I'm even happier that you decided you are ready for another baby! I'll be praying for you, so please keep us posted!!! :) YAY!!!

  3. I really like the colors you have picked out. I like the layering. Candice Olson on HGTV also does pretty blues. I can't wait to see your results. Congrats on the baby news!