Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My New Best Friend.....

I've been sick for 3 days now with a horrible cold.  I have done nothing productive because I just don't have the energy.  Sunday my wonderful husband bought this amazing little gal..... 

I've had cabin fever and about 12 pieces of furniture that need to meet my new best friend.....  Gabby!  Yes, I named her.  It's not fair to introduce her into our family with no name. 

I begged told my husband we were going to try her out tonight.  She's patiently been sitting in our living room since Sunday.  We waited until the sun went down a bit since it's about 800 degrees here with 100% humidity and tested her skills out.  Well let's just say she's a keeper.  I love her and if it weren't for the heat and the hundred of ant bites I managed to get I'd still be out there painting by the moonlight. 

I got two of these chairs for free and I have a special plan for them.  I am going to be adding them to our existing dinning table because right now it's a set and I hate sets.  We were in a hurry when we purchased it because we needed something to eat on which is funny because we never do unless we have company over.  Anyway I am trying to convert our house into more of a farmhouse cottage.  That's another story for another day.  So here' what I got accomplished in the short amount of time I had before the sun conveniently went down. 

Our poor grass!  I needs to be cut this week so it's all okay!

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