Saturday, March 17, 2012

{Prayers are Powerful}

Today my sister called me crying. 
My sister NEVER cries. 
She's 15 months older than me & has always been a mother hen. 
She's a protector.
She's a fighter. 
She's one tough cookie. 
She doesn't know this but she's the one I look up to the most. 

Anyway, the minute I heard her crying I knew it wasn't good.  The last time she called me crying was this time last year to tell me that our grandfather had suffered a massive heartache. 

My heart sunk. 
I immediately thought something had happened to my niece or nephew. 
It was about the last person I would ever think it was about. 
My brother-in-law.

He's been having some pains in his lower abdomen. 
He went in for some test & they initially thought it was kidney stones.  They found 3 masses & assumed from the symptoms that it was definitely kidney stones. 
Well, it's not. 
He found out today that his lymph nodes are swollen.
The doctor said that it is one of two things.
Or cancer.
We wait 2 weeks for the biopsy results.

My sister and him are high school sweethearts.
They met when they were 16.
Married when they were 19.
Have 2 kids.
Survived 7 deployments.

He's the older brother I never had.
He's an amazing guy who's served his country for 18 years.
A great dad.
An awesome uncle.

I've been trying to keep it together for my sister.
She's always been the strong one and I know that right now she needs me to be the strong one. 
I'm asking for prayers for him.
For her. 
For their kids. 

He's an important part of our family. 
No matter what the results we have laid our faith in the Lord. 
Nothing will stray us from that.