Saturday, June 16, 2012

{Raised In Cotton}

This time last year I decided I wanted to pursue something of my own besides being a mom & wife.  I needed an outlet to release my creative juices & I decided to start with a passion of mine.  Photography.  I love taking pictures.  I'm not the greatest photographer but I try.  I've spent countless amounts of money on frames that I liked but didn't love.  I wanted something that looked like me & my style.  My husband got out his saw & with the help of my grandfather we started making frames.  It has been a long process.  A definitely a learning process.  We finally are at a point where we feel extremely confident in our product & so we launched Raised In Cotton Distressed Frames on Thursday, June 14th.  

We chose the name Raised In Cotton because my husband is an 8th generation cotton farmer.  He was literally raised in cotton & our daughter will be too!  The name was a perfect fit!

Please check us out at and our blog at! We are excited about our new adventure & are looking forward to the journey it will take us on.  We are working on another business adventure with my favorite sister-in-law, Amber, that I hope to be sharing with y'all soon!  

We hope everyone has a great Saturday & just to tease y'all a little this is where I'm spending the weekend!

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