Tuesday, June 5, 2012

{We've Been Busy}

We have been super busy since my last post.  On Saturday, June 2nd, we celebrated Landry's 1st birthday with family & friends!  It was an amazing day & party!  Unfortunately, my camera literally stopped working the day of the party!  My heart almost stopped when I went to take the first picture.  Fortunately though a dear friend had her camera & she took pictures for us.  I'm waiting on them to get here in the mail & once they do I will make sure to post them.  I still cannot believe that our sweet girl is ONE! 

How is it possible that she went from this

To this

She has been one of the greatest joys of our lives & we are so blessed to be her parents! 
We are looking forward to the next year of her journey but wishes we could hit pause for a moment! 

We've had so much going on lately that I haven't had time to post. 
I'm hoping now that the party is over with I can focus on the house & my new business!
Yes, I finally started my new business.  I'm so excited to share it with y'all & I promise to do so in the next few days!

Right now I'm working on this

Excuse all the iPhone photos but my camera is still not working so it's my only option for pics right now. 

Anyway, I started working on this buffet months ago.  We are turning it into a media center.  The goal is to remove the top 2 drawers for our cable box & surround sound.  I purchased new hardware but got stumped because the bottom 2 drawers aren't like the others.  The holes are quite a bit different in distance.  Hope that makes sense.  I figured I could just fill them in with wood filler & make new holes.  But then I got scared.  What if I mess it up?  And then I saw this picture last night on Pinterest.

I love the mixed hardware! 

So I'm asking for y'alls opinion. 
Should I keep the hardware on the 2 small drawers on top left & right and add these on the rest?

Or go with the original plan & try to fix the holes to accommodate the silver pull hardware?
That sounds so confusing!
I hope it made some kind of sense. 

Thanks for your help in advance! 
I'm off to finish laundry!

Happy Tuesday!

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