Tuesday, September 21, 2010

{Day One = What Was I Thinking?}

So the majority of the stuff is out of the pantry. 

 I'm sitting here waiting for the Dap to dry in the million holes so I can sand it which leaves me to wonder "What was I thinking?" when I decided this was a good idea. 

{These are just a few of the many holes}

I know it will be worth the countless hours of labor but holy cow it's going to be a lot of work.  My goal today is to get the walls painted.  I'd love to start on the stencil but I'll be happy with just getting all the holes covered and a coat of paint on the wall. 

I don't know what to do with the floors.  They are the original hardwoods but were once painted gray by the previous owners.  We'd love to finish all the hardwoods in the house but that's a big project and not sure if it'll happen.  We did finish the ones in our office and guest bedroom.  They turned out gorgeous!  So back to the pantry floors.  I was thinking of painting them.  I'm open to any suggestions. 

And I didn't realize how much expired stuff was in our pantry!  I was quite surprised at how much money we've wasted.  That's a positive about having an organized pantry.  No more wasted food!

Well I'm off to sand.......  And then paint.


  1. I think a painted floor would look nice next to your black and white checked floor!

  2. Wow You go girl! That looks like way too much work for me. I look forward to seeing the end results.

  3. Wow! You go girl! That looks like way to much work for me! I look forward to the end result.