Thursday, January 5, 2012

{Black Doors Stink}

After spending countless hours on Pinterest looking at colored interior doors I knew I wanted something similar in our home.  I originally thought I wanted them all to be black but changed my mind during the process because I thought it would be too heavy down our hallway. 

This is the layout of our home.  It's 1,089 sq ft total. 

{I have no idea why it says kitchen in the closet}

As you can see the majority of our layout is on the left side.  I didn't think  the black doors down the small hallway would look good even though we have tons of black in our house.  I did however decide to paint the back of the three exterior doors black. 

I started the process last night. 
I decided to use Glidden Trim & Door paint in  Deepest Black because of the no drip, no brush marks claim to fame. 
It's true. 
No drips.
No brush marks.

But the smell is horrendous!  It's an oil based paint which I knew but I wasn't expecting the smell to be as strong as it was!  I only got one coat on last night & decided that I wouldn't finish the project until my husband could take our daughter, Landry, out while I worked on the doors. 

I felt horrible after stinking up the house.  Landry was asleep & we closed her door & opened the windows in the house to try & get rid of some of the smell.  It didn't work.  We could still smell it when we woke up the next day.  It wasn't as strong but it was still there. 

The product is amazing if you don't mind the smell. 

Eventually I'll put on the second coat & paint the other 2 doors. 
We need to change the hinges on this door because they are the original ones that were painted who knows how many times. 

You can see the window treatment we did courtesy of Ashley from 7th House on the Left.  Her post "One Roll of Contact Paper Later" inspired me to try the same process on the door leading out to our laundry room. 

Ashley created this template with instructions for easy use.  I followed them exactly & ended up with an amazing door.  It took a while to cut everything out but it was worth the effort.  No one who comes in believes me when I tell them it's contact paper. 

If you decide to use Glidden Trim & Door paint be prepared for the smell.  It does exactly what it says it's going to do.  I'd definitely use it again but next time I'll be ready.

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