Tuesday, January 17, 2012

{Kitchen Floors}

When we purchased this house 5 years ago we knew that we were taking on quite the project especially where the kitchen was concerned.

It had to be completely gutted.
It was a process.
One that isn't finished.

The floors in the kitchen, living room & hallway were disgusting.  It was the ugliest thickest linoleum I have ever seen.  Our original plan was to pull it all up & refinish the hardwood floors underneath.  That didn't work out the way we planned so we bought a cheap peel & stick floor from Lowe's.  My husband & his best friend put it down & we've been living with it until December 26th. 

One of my Christmas presents per my request was a new floor.  I didn't want to invest a lot of money because we have some major plans for this room & will eventually refinish the hardwoods that lie underneath the madness of linoleum. 

After many nights of research online we decided on the Novalis luxury vinyl plank in Cherry from Lowe's.  

It received great reviews & after seeing that House of Smith's & The Lettered Cottage used it I knew it would be perfect for our home. 

It goes down so easy.  And it looks amazing.

We got more than half of the floor done when we hit a snag. 

This piece is not level.  There used to be a cabinet here but we took it out to make room for the refrigerator we wanted.  There wouldn't have been enough walk room had we placed another cabinet here.  We never fixed the problem before because the guys were a tad lazy in putting the checkerboard floor down. 

You can see here the difference in height from the hardwoods to the floor we have now.  My husband is going to work on this tonight so we can finish this floor.  It's been driving me crazy not having it finished. 

This really is a beautiful floor for cheap. 
Each box covers 40 sq ft & we purchased 4 boxes. 
I don't remember what the exact price of each box was but they were around $46.00. 
So for around $184 we have a brand new floor.

Fingers crossed this project is done tonight & we can mark it off the list!

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  1. I know you will love the look of your new floor, it will be beautiful. I can't wait to see it! I have been wanting to cover our black and white floor since we moved in our house 3.5 yrs ago.