Friday, January 13, 2012

{Buffet Makeover}

My husband picked the buffet up on Tuesday & the minute we got it in the house I started work on it.  The piece is HEAVY!  It took us a good 35 minutes to get it out of the truck & in the house because I'm not that strong. 

We put it in the living room in a space I had semi cleared out. 
And while I worked on it our tv sat like this.

There is nothing fun about watching tv while it's on the ground. 
Just an FYI.

I was so excited to put the first coat of ASCP Olive on it. 
 The color is so rich & sublte at the same time. 
It brings some much needed color to our living room.  I want to bring more color in on some pillows I'm going to attempt to make as soon as I find the perfect fabric.

I put two coats on & one coat of clear wax.  The piece isn't finished because we need to do the bottom but that will have to wait until we get back from Texas. 

I'm still trying to decide on which hardware to purchase.  You see in the photo above the MS pull handle.  I forgot I had purchased one several months ago for another project I was working on.  I never used it & once I put it on here I loved it.  My husband loves it too but I want to check out some others before I make a decision.

Something I didn't plan on happening did.  I thought our cable box & receiver would fit in the doors but they don't.  I was a little upset but decided that I could figure something out.  I'm thinking about taking out the 2 middle drawers, paint the insides & put the components in there.  I've seen it done several times on different blogs & it looks great.  I was trying to hide them because Landry will be mobile soon & didn't want her to be tempted by them. 

This is the piece today.  It looks great.  This picture really doesn't do it justice.  I love the height it gives our tv & I love that it's not a traditional piece.  All that's left to do is finish the bottom & find the perfect hardware. 

We are both very pleased with this piece. 

I'm linking up over at Miss Mustard Seed!

Happy Weekend!

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  1. Love it!

    We took the top drawer out of ours and put in a shelf. Is that an option?