Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I've had a long time love affair with colored doors.  I've never been brave enough to paint any of ours except the front door until recently.

Sometime last year I was on a blog & saw that she had painted her interior doors a Valspar color called Tranquility.  I can't remember the name of blog so my apologies.

I sent my husband to Lowe's to buy 2 quarts of Tranquility & without hesitation started painting the doors the minute he got home with the paint.  I put two coats on & they look amazing!

Unfortunately, I've only gotten 2 of the 4 doors painted. 
I got bored painting doors so I started on another project. 
Does anyone else ever do that?  

I have Landry's door & the bathroom door left to paint.  We still need to replace the bathroom door with the 6 panel style like we did the others.  The original doors were solid wood & plain jane.  We've slowly started replacing them all but doors are expensive so a little at a time.  We did purchase one for the bathroom but it was the wrong size.  That was totally my fault too.  Oops.

So like a million other things in our home we have to finish this project. 
Once the doors are done I'll take a better pic of them in the hallway. 
The color looks great with the stripes & new light!

I'm so glad I didn't paint them black.

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  1. ME!! I have a million plus projects going on right now!

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