Sunday, January 1, 2012

{Resolutions for 2012}

I've never really been about making resolutions.   Mainly because I can never keep them.  This year I wanted to seriously set some goals that I could reach. 

Resolution #1

I started a diet November 21, 2011.  Yes, the week of Thanksgiving. 
Yes, I'm crazy. 
I lost 13 pounds the first month. 
So, my resolution is to remain on the diet & lose another 62 pounds.

I've never been overweight.  Ever. 
After we lost our first daughter I went into a deep depression.  I used to be ashame to admit that but burying your child can do a number on you physically & emotionally.

I gained about 75 pounds.  I want to lose the weight for many reasons.  My health, to give my husband back the wife he married & to be able to keep up with Landry as she gets older. 

I'm on the right track & I feel confident that I can keep the weight coming off. 

Resolution #2

Organize our pictures. 

I love taking pictures.  My older sister calls me Kodak. 

After Parker died I realized how important pictures truly are.  Besides our memories it's all we have of her so I always have my camera with me.  Always. 

I took over 500 pictures the first month Landry was alive. 
I'm addicted. 

We have tons of pictures on our computer that need to be organized & saved to disk just in case our computer decides to crash. 

It'll be a job but totally worth the time & effort!

Resolution #3

Finish our project list

And by that I mean without adding to it!  We have quite the project list but nothing we can't finish.  We have an issue with starting something & getting bored & moving on to the next project.  Nothing ever gets finished in our house. 

I decided to make a list room by room & finish one room at a time. 

We are excited about trying some DIY stuff we've never tackled before.  We work well as a team {most of the time} & getting things done is our theme for 2012.

Resolution #4

Better Meal Planning

Being on the diet means a multitude of things.  No eating after 7 pm, staying within 1800 calories a day & eating 3 meals & 2 snacks a day. 

During the winter it's easy to eat before 7 because my husband is "off" from January to March so he's home by 5:30 at the latest.  April-December he's working until about 8 or 9 every night except Sunday.  It's harder because I hate eating without him but I know I have to.  

I did really good for about 2 weeks & after that I just got lazy.  This one will be tough but I think I can handle it.   

Resolution #5

Find a church to call home

We are members of a local church.  We used to love it but it became too political & way too clicky.  We stopped going when I got pregnant because I was super sick the first 14 weeks. 

We both have some personal issues with the Pastor. 
When we went into labor & had Landry {8 weeks early} no one from our church called, emailed, texted or visited.  I was raised Baptist & I know the duties of a Pastor. 
We were told by another member of the church that the reason they didn't do anything for us was because we hadn't been to church in a long time. 

Yep, my mouth dropped open just like yours did. 

There's more than just that.  We talked about it for a long time &  thought maybe we should go back but we don't feel at home there. 
We want a church that has a great youth program. 
A church that makes us feel at home. 
Makes us feel welcomed & not judged. 

I've been praying about it & know that God will lead us to the right place.  I also know that I have to remain open minded & open hearted. 

We'll start visiting some local churches next Sunday.  We are excited about the journey & trust that God is walking it with us. 

Resolution #6


Everything in our house. 

Get rid of clothes, shoes & purses we don't use. 

Purge the kitchen drawers, cabinets & pantry.

Work on the laundry room.  It's in need of a major remodel.  It's a great size room that will eventually lead out to a deck. It has a lot of potential but because it's a room  that we are never in it never got any attention.  That'll change.  Soon.

Go through our file cabinet.  Keep what's important. 

I want to organize every square inch of this house.  It will probably be the most time consuming job because I find myself having an emotional attachment to stuff.  Crazy I know.  I'm working on that too. 

Well, that's my list. 

Did you make a New Year's Resolution list?

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  1. I've never made new years resolutions either but I sat down tonight and made a list of goals I want to reach this year that will help me become a better stronger person. I'm excited! Diet, exercise and spiritual things are all on my list. I belong to an amazing church that I love. I hope that you and your family are able to find one you love also. Good luck to you!