Tuesday, January 24, 2012

{Only 9 More Days}

We leave for Texas in 9 days & I am so excited! 
I cannot wait to see my family & friends. 

The best will be showing Landry off to everyone!  It's so important to me to show her my roots as well as her dad's.  My family is definitely a lot closer than my husband's so it'll be nice to show her a different family dynamic.  I love my husband's family but there's nothing like your own family. 

We've been busy finishing up projects.
The kitchen floor is finished.  I hope to post pictures before we leave.  It turned out beautifully!  We are both pleased with it & love how it doesn't show every single piece of dirt like the last floor did.  We were definitely sore for a few days afterwards but it was worth the pain. 

I have major OCD when it comes to packing so I've been working on that the last few days. 
We'll be gone for 3 weeks so it's not like packing for a weekend trip.  It gives me anxiety to be honest.

I am super excited because I was commissioned to do my first job last night.  It's a huge one too!  I cannot wait to share our new business with y'all.  It's perfect for our family!  We are finalizing some details & hope to reveal soon! 

Well, I'm going to try & get some sleep. 
Hope everyone had a great Monday!

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